Always use the latest kits whenever possible.
The software is being continually developed with new features added on a regular basis.
You do not need a licence to use this software with RFSPACE, FUNcube Dongles, Soundcard and low-end SDRs.


 TitleSize (Kb)Description 
V1.5UnknownJuly 1st, 2012Download

USB Drivers

 TitleSize (Kb)Description 
D2XX 2.04.161,850.00Setup executable, for the SDR-IQ onlyDownload


The kits contain everyting you need:

  • Updates are cumulative,
  • There is no need to remove previous versions of this software before installing a new kit,
  • You do not need to restart your computer after installing the software.

All settings are saved in the standard local storage folders on your computer, data is stored using XML. On Windows 7 Simon's settings are stored in C:\Users\Simon\AppData\Roaming\

 Use the beta kits at your own risk.



 TitleCreated DateDescription 
IQ Data Files - Recording, Playback, Analysis10/11/2011 Download
Remote Server protocol rev 21/22/2010 Download
Remote Server user guide1/22/2010Updated October 28th, 2011Download
Using Soundcard-Based SDRs2/20/2012All about SoftRock and other soundcard-based SDR receiversDownload
Using The FUNcube Dongle 1.010/11/2011If you have a FUNcube dongle then this is essential readingDownload


 TitleSize (Kb)Created DateDescription 
RSGB Convention 2011: SDR In ActionUnknown10/10/2011Making the most of your SDR receiver. Unpack the ZIP file and start the PowerPoint presentation - the other files are videos, high-resolution screenshots and PDFs.Download
RSGB Convention 2011: SDR SoftwareUnknown10/10/2011The building blocks of a SDR program, an introduction to the design and implementation of a fully functional SDR program.Download
RSGB HF Convention 20095,448.8611/26/2009HB9DRV's presentation at the 2009 RSGB HF Conevention.Download
SDR-RADIO for IOMARS2,783.049/22/2010Presentation made on May 11th, 2010 (Requires Open Office).Download
SDR-RADIO for USKA 20106,933.989/26/2010Presentation for the USKA meeting in Arth-Goldau, September 2010.Download
Utility DXing

Utility DXing

By Nils Schiffhauer, DK8OK

Shortwave is still full of signals, mostly digital. Many of them can be demodulated and even decoded with some sophisticated software decoders. This iBook focuses on the new Krypto500 decoder, mainly using this new piece of software for a very short introduction into utility DXing. You will also find some hands-on comparisons with other high-tech decoders like GX430 by Rohde & Schwarz, Code3-32P by Hoka and W-Code by Wavecom. Read more...