Audio Configuration

To set up your transmit audio follow these steps.


To see your audio spectrum make sure the Spectrum panel is visible.

In the Input Panel:

  • Select your microphone, make sure it is not muted.
  • Move the gain slider to 100.
  • Speak into the microphone, make sure you see the spectrum.

Hint: To increase the microphone level if it is connected to the radio see the ANAN Specific options.

To adjust the microphone gain see the common transmit options.

Note: A very sharp limiter is built into the software so you cannot overdrive the system.


Click [Proc] to enable the speech processor. This uses an advanced compression algorithm originally designed for audio recordings. Adjust the proc clider to set the processor gain.


Use this option to make a recording of the audio including processing if enabled. The recording is saved as a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file and can be played with the default Windows media player.


Use this option to monitor your audio while transmitting.

Input Panel

The input panel is part of the Transmit DSP which is selected from the ribbon bar's Transmit pane.

The options are:

  • Mute / unmute the microphone,
  • Microphone selection: the entry '✶ Microphone on Radio ✶' refers to a microphone connected directly to the radio rather than a microphone connected to the computer.
  • Proc: enable the speech processor.
  • VOX: enable Voice Operated eXchange - switches to transmit when the input level exceeds the VOX Gain threshold.
  • Transmit bandwidth: select from the dropdown list. To edit the list select Definitions.
  • Record: makes a recording of the audio, this includes the processing. The recording is saved as a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file.
  • Gain: select the audio gain.
  • Proc: select the processing level.
  • VOX Gain: the threshold at which transmit is enabled.
  • VOX Hang: the period in milliseconds during which transmit remains engaged while speech is not detected.
Transmit Options

Transmit options are in two parts:

  1. Common - described in detail here.
  2. ANAN specific, see below.


The common transmit audio options are:

  • Equalisation - standard graphical equaliser, low-shelf and high-shelf filters,
  • Gain - for each band define the maximum gain thresholds,
  • Passband - the audio passband filtering, for example you normally use 100Hz to 3,000Hz for SSB.

ANAN Specific

Here you:

  • Enable the microphone pre-amplifier if using a microphone with a low output level which is connected directly to the ANAN radio.
  • Select the microphone cable configuration.


ANAN Specific Options

From the ribbon bar's Home pane select Radio Configuration. The option pages are:

  • CW - full adjustment of the CW keyer built into the ANAN firmware.
  • Filters - receive and transmit filter banks.
  • Microphone - 20dB boost and other options.
  • Output Pins - define the 9 output pins for each band.
  • PA - power amplifier options.