Major Features

  • Transmit (2012) and Receive support
  • Designed for fasted possible performance using Windows XP and higher
  • Optional client-server architecture:
    • A Windows service is installed on the computer connected to the radios,
    • Communications using secure / asynchronous TCP/IP,
    • All data / settings use XML.
  • Optional transverter displays
  • Support for SDR radios using:
    • TCP/IP,
    • Soundcards,
    • USB.
  • Full integration with:
    • DXLabs,
    • Ham Radio Deluxe,
    • Other programs using fully-documented interafces.
  • Advanced scheduler for automatic reception and recording
  • Control of HF radios (Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu, etc.) using serial ports:
    • Synchronise the HF radio frequency with the console VFOs
    • Control the HF radio VFOs using mouse and keyboard
    • Uses the famous Ham Radio Deluxe engine (support for over 70 radios)
  • Tuning by MIDI devices such as Hercules DJ Console.



Audio spectrum

Graphic equaliser

Peak Meter

Pseudo stereo

Audio recorder


Signal / Propagation



Grey-line Map

Solar data


External radio integration

FUNcube dongle (55 MHz - 2GHz)

Satellite predictions

Memory banks

Frequency navigator

Broadcast station databases


MAP65-IQ interface

UDP server

Antenna switching cards