Getting Started

You've got:

  • A suitable computer (see below),
  • The preview of SDR Console with transmit support,
  • The new firmware loaded in your ANAN transceiver.

So let's get started [link].





Currently suppord:

   ANAN 10, 100
ANAN 10E, 100B


HackRF - not planned
LimeSDR - Q3/Q4 2017 
Ettus - not Planned 



The OpenHPSDR Ethernet Protocol is the only protocol which will be supported for transceivers during 2016 / 2017. This protocol is supported via firmware updates on TAPR Hermes boards and ANAN transceivers from Apache Labs. (Other interesting projects such as Hermes Lite will only be supported if the project itself implements this protocol.)

► This new firmware is still being tested and will be used in the PowerSDR Thetis release. When this is available together with new firmware installation software you will be able to use the ANAN support in this software. The SDR Console is an alternative to PowerSDR, not a replacement.

"One protocol to bind them all " etc.

Anan 10E Receive is BEAUTIFUL

November 6th, 2016: Downloaded your latest preview. As a receiver it is fantastic. I have an ANAN 10E running new protocol, GT 730 video card with 2 gig memory and DDR5 memory.

I have tried every sample rate and it just works. Average CPU at the highest sample rate of 1,536,000 is 12 percent. Average GPU is 21 percent.

... I like the waterfall setup with separate scope for receive ant transmit, even though transmit is not available yet. The other feature I see that I really prefer is the multi meter that shows four measures.

Now it's gonna be really difficult to wait till transmit is enabled.



Works Well

Have had a few CW contacts and it (10E) works well. Just spent an hour on sideband and the reports on the audio are excellent. Several played me back and the audio is crisp clean and defined. Like being able to undock or dock the TX RX panels.


Computer Requirement

A third-generation i5 with HD graphics or a dedicated graphics card running Windows 10 is recommended:

  • CPU: The i5 has more than enough performance for the present demands of this software and should be powerful enough for any new features which will be developed during 2017 and 2018.
  • GPU: The HD graphics or even better a dedicated graphics card ensures a good, 'fluid' experience. The software uses DirectX which makes full use of any graphics processing on your computer. If you are considering a graphics card NVIDIA is recommended as this card can be optionally be used for DSP processing.
  • Monitor: Use a HD monitor (1920 x 1080) or if finances allow a 4k monitor - if you buy a 4k make sure your graphics card will run a 4k monitor at a 60Hz refersh rate.
  • Windows: You must use Windows 7 or newer; Windows 10 is excellent - despite some initial roll-out issues it is a tour de force and is the recommended operating system.