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32-bit or 64-bits Kits

Unlike previous version, there are separate kits for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. If you're not sure whether you are using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows select the System entry in the Control Panel, the required information is part of the System type.


This software only supports the new OpenHPSDR Ethernet protocol written by Phil Harman (VK6PH.) Older firmware is not supported.


  • No need to deinstall existing software

Start the software by selecting SDR Console (V3) from the start menu.

Radio Definition

The first step is to define a radio, to do this simply select Select Radio from the Home panel in the ribbon bar. As you do not have any definitions you are prompted to open the Definitions window.

In this window click first on Search which displays a dropdown list, from this list select then the radio type you haveYou must have at least one radio definition.

When you start a radio you select the sample rate. The usable display bandwidth is approximately 80% of the sample rate, so if you want to display a 200kHz bandwidth you should select a sample rate of 250kHz or higher. (Higher sample rates use more CPU cycles.)


If you cannot find the radio when using the Search option then the logfile will probably provide useful diagnostic information. To display the logfile select the Tools pane of the ribbon bar, then click the Logfile button.