Resetting The Software

Here's a step-by-step guide to help how reset the software.

Start Menu

First try the Start menu option - this starts the console and displays a small reset window very early in the program's processing life. There are two options:

  1. Reset the Window position, layout - if selected the saved Windows state is not restored, instead the default layout is used.
  2. Program options - if selected then program options saved in the registry are not loaded when the program starts.



Warning - digging in the registry can have unexpected results! For information see using Regedit.exe 

The registry key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SDR-RADIO.com (V2)\SDRConsole. You can safely delete (or rename) this folder and all sub-folders, to do this use the Windows Registry Editor (regedit).

User Files

All user files are stored in the Windows user's own folders, C:\Users\Simon\AppData\Roaming\SDR-RADIO.com (V2) . Try renaming (or copying) this folder if you do not want to lose radio definitions, favourites etc.

Hint: if you do not see this folder with the Windows Explorer then you must enable the option to display hidden files. Microsoft is not very keen on users digging around in parts of the operating system where they normally should not be allowed.


If all else fails then consider a full re-installation:

  1. Uninstall the software using either the Programs and Features option in the control panel or by selecting Uninstall from the SDR-Radio.com (V2) entry in the start menu.
  2. Make sure all files have been removed from the installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\SDR-RADIO-PRO.com .

After verifying that all components have been removed from your system you can now install the latest and hopefully greatest version of this software.

Still No Luck?

If the software will not start then check for:

  • A bad disk, 
  • Other software you have recently installed when may have overwritten or removed essential DLLs.
Disable CUDA

Some older NVIDIA graphics cards don't support the CUDA FFT properly, due to a bug in the console code this can cause a crash as soon as a radio is started, so if in doubt make sure CUDA is not enabled:

  • Open the console's Program Options
  • Select Performance, CUDA.