To interface this console to another program such as a logbook use a virtual serial cable, for example VSP Manager by K5FR (an excellent free product which works on 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows including Windows 7).

Virtual Serial Cable

In this example a virtual serial cable with ports COM30 and COM31 is created.

Now connect one end (COM30) to the 3rd-party program and the other end (COM31) to this console.

Console Serial Ports

In the console select the serial port from the Program Options - Serial Ports window.

The ports are opened:

  1. when you make selections in this window, and
  2. when you restart the program.

CAT Commands

The programs use the command syntax originally designed by Kenwood. The default baud rate is 57,600.

CAT Commands (PDF)


If you need more support - for example extra commands - just ask !