October 27th, 2015 As the result of many requests I'm considering the support for plugins and general extensions. Some programs alreadytake data from the console via Virtual Audio Cables (VAC) an use the CAT control to set / get frequency.

Not Happening

I don't want third-party software running inside my own process space - as soon as there are problems it will increase the support load which is something I want to reduce if at all possible.

Adding addition radios will not be supported for obvious commercial reasons.

Could Happen

I can add support for extensions via a DLL - this DLL can import / export data, for example IQ or Audio (PCM) via TCP, UDP, pipes, whatever. It would also have access to the underlying CAT layer so these commands would be available.

What Next?

If you want to write an extension the first thing is to join the Yahoo! test team - this is a closed group, membership by invitation only, so send an e-mail to and I'll send you an invitation. You can discuss your extension / plugin with the test team and we'll take it from there.


I've been asked to provide a VAC interface and/or built-in VAC support. This requires knowledge of the black art or writing device drivers.

A nice idea for a rainy day...