Transmit Support

The transmit pane of the...


Power Amplifier

On 100 and 200 watt models you must enable the PA power supply. This option is in the PA page of the Radio Configuration options.

  1. In the ribbon bar Home pane select Radio Configuration.
  2. Select Settings, PA.
  3. Make sure PA is checked.
  4. Now close the options.




To switch between transmit and receive:

  • Press the [TX] button, or
  • Use VOX, or
  • Key the radio via a rear connector.

While you transmit the duration is displayed in the transmit pane (above).

Pure Signal

Pure Signal is not yet implemented.

At the bottom of the transmit pane is a small window which displays the feedback data when you are transmitting. This is the data which will be used for the linearisation of the transmission.




The tune option is used for tuning additionla amplifiers and/or antenna tuning units.

In the transmit pane press Tune. A series of pulses are sent:

  • Period: 50ms,
  • Rise time: 5ms
  • Amplitude: 3dB below maximum

When Tune is enabled adjust the Drive level as required.